Passbook Savings Accounts

With an opening balance of just $50 this account is an affordable way for the individual or business to start saving for the future and offers easy access to your money.

Sunny Day Savings

  • Eligibility - Consumer or Business
  • Service Charge - $2 a Month
  • Minimum to avoid fee - $500 Daily Balance
  • Minimum to Open - $1000
  • Minimum to Obtain Interest - $1000


  • One withdrawal per Calendar Month
  • $50.00 Activity Fee assessed on each subsequent withdrawal


  • Deposited Funds must be from a matured YSB Certificate of Deposit or a source other than York State Bank.


  • Money remains liquid
  • Higher interest rate than traditional Savings Account

Money Market Account Investment

This account earns interest calculated by a tiered rate according to the balance and is for the individual or business who maintains larger deposits and wants to earn a high rate of interest. A minimum balance is required.

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