One with the Environment

At York State Bank, we recognize the importance of helping preserve our environment while still maintaining the highest standards for service to our customers. That's why we're always looking for ways to make our operations greener, and to help you in doing the same.

Outlined below are a few of our green initiatives aimed at helping to make this world a better place today, and in the future.

  • In 2010, York State Bank was recognized by Bank Technology News as one of "America's Greenest Banks."
  • In 2010, York State Bank was named one of SustainLINK's "eco-intelligent" banks.
  • York State Bank's data center is powered by 4 parallel fuel cells, an eco-friendly power source that doesn't emit greenhouse gases. Also, the heat output from these fuel cells is recovered via a heat exchanger and supplemented to heat the Technology Center.
  • In 2010, York State Bank began a server virtualization process for all 8,000 of its desktop PCs, replacing them with more energy efficient terminals that also have double the lifespan of traditional PCs-longer lifespan equals less electronic waste.
  • In 2008, York State Bank was named one of Computerworld's Top Green IT Companies.
  • York State Bank offers online banking products to help reduce paper waste and save customers trips to the bank or mailbox.
  • Telecommuting and teleconferencing technologies are utilized by York State Bank to curb unnecessary travel.
  • Smart ATMs that feature "envelopeless" deposits have been implemented at several York State Bank locations. Checks and cash are inserted directly into the ATM - eliminating the need for deposit envelopes.
  • The majority of York State Bank's buildings use energy efficient light bulbs and thermostats that are set to economizer mode to minimize furnace and air conditioner usage. As facilities are upgraded, motion-sensitive lighting, sinks, and flush devices are continuously being added.
  • York State Bank has recycling programs in place to recycle plastic, aluminum and paper. Plus all carpet remnants are even recycled.

In 2009, York State Bank recycled 360.59 tons of material. Due to our employees' efforts, we saved 6,130 trees, 1,478,410 kilowatt hours of energy, 2,524,130 gallons of water, 1,189,9 yards of landfill space, and 21,635.4 pounds of air pollutants.